Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Creating Web Ministries

Domain Name Basics

To computers on the Internet, web sites don’t have names. Surprised? Domain names are simply devices to allow us, the users, to remember what to type in order for the computers on the Internet to find the site we’re looking for. Every web site has an address, called an IP address, which belongs to the server on which the site is located.  Every domain name has a name (DNS) server, which tells every other server where the site is located. When a user types in a domain name as a URL, the DNS server of his Internet Service Provider (ISP) asks around to other name servers to find the name server that knows where the site is located. Once it is found, the name server tells the browser the IP address of the site and the browser asks the web server with that IP address to show the site. If there are multiple sites at a single IP address, then the hostname (domain name) becomes the secondary part of the address. The hostname is what allows and to use the same IP address.
Why is this important? It is important to know the steps involves so that when you are in the process of setting up a web site, you don’t leave out a step. If you leave out a step, no one will be able to access your site.
When you purchase a domain name, the domain name company will ask you for the name server that will know the location of your site. The name server will be provided by your hosting company. Depending on what type of hosting plan you have with your hosting company (shared, dedicated, etc.), you may or may not be involved in the process of determining the IP address and providing an entry for the name server. Once the web server has been set up to serve web pages requested at that IP address and the domain name has propagated to DNS servers throughout the Internet, your site will be visible to anyone who types your domain name into her browser.
At MinistryWebs, we take care of all the steps involved from the purchase of your domain name to setting up the name servers and hosting your site.
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